Friday’s Featured Vacancy – 31/10/2014


Whatuni Campus Ambassador

Are you an enthusiastic and out-going?

Are you looking to work at your convenience around your studies?

Do you want to earn extra cash and gain valuable work experience?

Are you confident with speaking in public?

If so want you to be our eyes and ears on campus and in the local area, managing a range of tasks, from putting together exciting content for our website, through to collection reviews from fellow students to aid the next generation of University goers. This is a really exciting opportunity for undergraduates interested in careers in media, marketing, journalism, who are keen to start accruing valuable work experience. For more information please email

Postgraduate Routes into Teacher Training


So you want to be a teacher? The good news is there are loads of different routes into teaching nowadays – the bad news is you have to decide which is best for you – easier said than done, right! Don’t worry, the Careers Team are here to help!

We’ve pulled together some useful links for you below, as well as some ‘Routes into Teaching’ videos produced by UoC.

If you are going to be applying through UCAS, remember the old saying ‘the sooner the better’ – UCAS have just opened the scheme now (late October 2014) so start prepping your application now! has a really useful guide to writing your personal statement here: and the UCAS website has a great guide to filling in your application here:

The University of Cumbria’s YouTube channel has some handy videos that show what’s on offer here at UoC, with lots of advice on the different routes you can take:

Not sure which route is right for you? Try out this nifty tool on the UCAS Teacher Training (UTT) website:

It’s also worth having a look at the other routes into teaching that aren’t included in UTT here:

And why not have a look at UCAS TV for information too?

We really hope that this blog post has been useful – please feel free to ask us any questions in the comments or you can tweet us your questions @UoCCareers.

Remember the the careers team are here to help – email to ask us questions, get feedback on your application, or to book an appointment with us.

Calling all Law students! Future Legal Mind Award!


National Accident Helpline has teamed up with Lawyer 2B magazine to offer the UK’s brightest legal talent the chance to become the Future Legal Mind of 2015.

We know how tough it is to get on the law career ladder, and that’s why we’ve created the Future Legal Mind award. We want to give outstanding students the best possible chance to start their dream career in law. We’re looking for two great legal minds, one undergraduate and one post-graduate.

What you can win:
* £5,000 to put towards your studies in 2015
* A one-week work experience placement at either the Manchester or London office of nationwide solicitor firm Colemans-CTTS
* Your winning entry published on the website of Lawyer 2B, the leading magazine aimed at aspiring lawyers, solicitors or barristers

This is an exceptional chance to demonstrate your budding legal expertise, get a fantastic accolade to showcase on your CV, and secure a work placement at a leading law firm, as well as seeing your work published by Lawyer 2B.

The competition is open to all UK-resident university students currently pursuing a legal qualification at either undergraduate or post-graduate level.

For more information about this fantastic opportunity please visit the website at

Friday’s Featured Vacancy – 24/10/2014


If you are considering a career in care work, this week’s vacancies are for you! The Oaklea Trust is currently advertising three vacancies on the UoC JobShop:

Community Home Carer

Team Supervisor

Team Coordinator

All of these positions and more can be found on the jobs page here: or simply search for ‘The Oaklea Trust’ on the UoC JobShop.

The best job you will ever have!


Want to experience the summer of a lifetime? Ever thought of working abroad? How does America sound? Well with Camp Leaders, we can jet you off to spend your summer at a camp in the USA!

Camp Leaders provides summer camp jobs in America for people from around the world. Summer jobs and work abroad programs are plentiful, but a summer placement in an American summer camp offers more than just a job. Instead, you’ll gain a life changing cultural-exchange experience

Katie-May from Camp Leaders is available at the University of Cumbria campuses in Carlisle to talk to students about the jobs available and to answers any questions they may have about the programme. Also, In the past month Katie-May has held 3 presentations, been on the radio and she’s even been in the local paper, all the promote Camp Leaders

Katie spoke about her experiences of working at a summer camp in New York last summer, and how camp leaders helped and supported her through the process from application to arriving at camp.  She spoke about how camp is hard work, but so much fun. As well as teaching drama she was able to get directly involved with her campers in activities such as zip lining, ceramics and lake swimming. She explained how working at the summer was the most amazing and reward experience she has ever had and is keen to get more individuals involved with this great opportunity.

Not only will you have the best summer ever, but you will also be able to add skills and employment to your CV, makes international friends and most of all live the American dream! Camp is hard work and  as a counselor you will be looking after campers 24 hours a day; during activities, mealtimes and living with them. If you love working with kids, getting involved, experiencing new things then this could be the perfect job for you! You might think, well what if I have a specialist skill? Fantastic, if you have advanced knowledge and feel you would be able to lead your skills, then you can apply to be a ‘Activity leader’ where you will be teaching your skill to the campers throughout the day and gain 700 hours of teaching/coaching & childcare experience. At camp you’ll be a role model to this kids and they’ll look up to you to lead the way, whether that means ensuring their safe and well and having loads of fun & learning. Spaces are limited so apply early not to miss out

There are camps all over the USA , who are looking for staff for summer 2015; whether you want to be  a specialist, a counsellor or even support staff (who work in the kitchen, office, cleaning, and other behind the scenes jobs) then apply today at  If you have any further questions you can contact Camp Leaders on (0)-151-708-6868 or email them at:

Making the most of your time at university


In seeing all the freshers going to University now and just starting their academic journey, it makes me feel slightly envious. I had a great time at Uni, but I still wish I had made the most of my time there a bit more.

The Uni of Cumbria is a really good Uni and the Lancaster Campus is where I studied and I had some wonderful times there, but this article gives you some tips to make the most out of Uni life whether you are a fresher, second year or final year…..

The first thing that you should do is try and make as many friends as possible. I didn’t just stick to the people on my course; I also got friendly with people off other courses as well. This allowed me to build up a big network of friends and always have someone to go on a night out with! Seriously though it made life much more interesting as I got to interact with people off a lot of different courses and it definitely enhanced my University experience.

Although it sounds slightly clichéd to say it, something else you should do is try and get the best grade possible in your degree. It’s advice that you are probably sick of hearing and is a constant refrain, but I’m not suggesting that you go and spend every day down the library. What I am saying is that you should try and strike some sort of balance and if you are writing an essay, decide whether you work best on your own or with your mates. Some people leave writing essays to the last minute and having done this myself on at least one occasion, there is something of a buzz you get when the deadline is the next day. However, whether this is a wise choice is something I’ll leave you to decide. Doing essays with your mates can be fun in my own experience.

Also, see what you can get out of Uni. I don’t mean in a financial sense, but see what you can blag in terms of gym memberships, use of facilities and even a quiet place to study. Of course wherever you are at Uni, there will be plenty of promotions for nights out and you should snap these up as well as there are loads of good deals on offer. You’d be surprised what you could get out of Uni if you put your mind to it, even a part-time job in some cases.

I think the other thing I would say is live life to the full whilst you are at Uni, there is no point in stopping yourself from doing things you may as well just have a go at everything and try things out. The mantra work hard, play hard definitely applies to your time at Uni. Maybe not going out 5 times a week like my friends did but going out every week is not a bad thing. You have just got to make sure that it doesn’t interfere with your life and academic commitments.

Always think about what you want to say about your time at Uni when you leave and do all those things that you want to. If you do that, you will have a great time!

By Sam Curran

Sam has his own proofreading business. He charges from £3.00 per 1,000 words. He can help with style and content as well as grammatical and formatting issues. Sam has proofread for 6 years and has proofread pieces of work from Undergraduate to PHD level as well as editing CVs, job applications and personal statements. The business has its own Facebook page ‘Efficient Editing’ which you can contact Sam through. You can also get in touch with Sam by emailing him at

Teach English in China

Fancy an exciting, challenging, salaried year abroad? Want to experience the culture and customs of China first-hand?


Run in conjunction with the China Education Association for International Exchange (CEAIE) and the International Exchange Centre in Hunan Province, Teach English in China is an international work-travel programme with a difference. No extra training is required, all we ask is that you are a graduate, a native English speaker and complete our language training programme. If you are not a native English speaker but speak English fluently you may also be eligible. English language learning has been given more emphasis in this fast changing country; be part of this important change.

Whether you’re a new or recent graduate unsure of where to go next, in a career rut, looking for a fresh challenge, or retired and looking for your next adventure, TEIC could be the exciting opportunity you’ve been waiting for, especially if you learn Mandarin in China and thereby enhance your employment prospects.

The University of Cumbria has arranged for Professor Thomas from Teach English in China to come along to deliver talks to our students about the opportunities available, and how you can apply. No need to book, just come along!

Wednesday 15 October, 12.00 – 1.00 in DBF02, Lancaster

Thursday 16 October, 12.00 – 1.00 in BG57, Fusehill Street