Do I sense a careers website coming on?

After some soul searching I have decided to start dabbling with Affiliate Programmes on The move was at least partly conceived as a cunning move to milk the site for a bit of recurring income in my old age – rather a longshot as currently enjoys very low traffic volumes. But I can afford to wait a while…

Anyway, I’ve ended up with two pages of affiliate links which you can see at for writing and for careers links. They were all on the links.htm page but it was getting a bit overcrowded with all the careers links squashed down the bottom. So I decided on two separate pages.

The interesting thing about this process was how many of the links I did not even know about until I actually went looking affiliate programmes to link to. I did not for example know that there was a site you could use to get fixed up with a literary agent, or one that sells an interactive tuition programme on job interview skills. So it’s quite pleasing that I might have dug up a few things that have some potential to be useful as well as paying for the parachute jump I’ll probably end up planning for my ninetieth birthday.

But it’s apparent that the careers page now sits isolated, begging for relevant content. Having the writers’ links on a separate page isn’t ideal as they would score more highly on the main page, but at least they are rattling up a few non-paying clicks through to their targets from the many would-be writers in the world. Whereas the careers links are doing next to zilch.

They might do better if they were spread out amongst a site of pages offering basic careers advice and information. And so I find myself wondering if I should write this site, interestingly with some reluctance. Perhaps it’s just too near what I do at work anyway. It wouldn’t be hard. Some of the material I’ve provided here would provide a very handy starting point. The next one’s probably going to be a very cut down guide to career decisionmaking.

Watch this space…