Preparing for Band 5 Nursing Interviews

The NHS is currently placing a big stress on patient safety issues and it was suggested that applicants for Band 5 Nursing posts would do well to familiarise themselves with a number of resulting national initiatives.  These are:

  • Safety Express – concerning the reduction of possible “occurrences of harm” (e.g. falls, embolisms, bedsores, urinary tract infections) as audited through the monthly “Safety Thermometer
  • Productive Services – about improving efficiency to find time for caring, e.g. by standardising ward layouts and equipment locations
  • Leading Improvements in Patient Safety – reviewing case notes to check for possible risks of harm.
  • Energising for Excellence (E4E) – reviewing appropriateness of staffing levels related to patients’ levels of dependency

If you are being interviewed for a Band 5 vacancy shortly, it might also be worth familiarising yourself with any additional local initiatives on patient safety and avoidance of harm.