Employers’ Use of Testing Alienates Graduates

Another recent article from “Graduate Recruiter” (view earlier post) quotes research by Talent Q UK to suggest that candidates for graduate posts are becoming alienated by employers’ use of psychomentric and ability tests.

It all seems to come down an issue of poor communication.  According to the research, employers frequently make basic mistakes like:

  •  not explaining why applicants are being asked to take a test and how the results relate to the job
  •  not offering feedback on candidates’ performance, which breaches requirements of the British Psychological Society
  • not telling people why their application failed, which may or may not be down to a poor test result

An additional problem is poor record keeping, resulting in duplication and frustration for applicants.

I am sure many Careers Advisers can report meetings with students and graduates who have been fed up with the sometimes apparently random nature of the tests they were asked to take and the opaque, remote nature of the whole process. Online tests seem to be particularly loathed.  But is there much consistent evidence that candidates with superior test scores really do perform better in the workplace?