Welcome to the ‘New’ Careers Blog!

How very nice to see you here!

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We‘re not exactly new kids on the block; the University of Cumbria’s careers blog has been running since 2008 in one form or another and we have since posted stories about careers and employability, as well as posting about the goings on here at the University. All of the old posts have been moved over from the old blog so they are all in one place if you fancy having a look through the archives.

You can have a look at the ‘about’ page and the ‘meet the team’ page up at the top there to find out a little bit about us, and also find lots of links to our web pages and social media. Have any questions or comments? We hope you will give us feedback, comment on the posts, send ideas and suggestions for this blog; anything really!

Would you like to get involved? Have an idea for a post, or fancy being interviewed about your course or work placement? Just drop us an email to careers@cumbria.ac.uk

Thanks for visiting!