testbirds.com – Friday’s Featured Vacancy 30/05/2014


About Testbirds

Testbirds GmbH is an enterprise based in Munich, Germany, that tests apps for all mobile devices (Apple iOS, Google Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry OS) as well as web applications (websites, online-stores, games etc.) by using the concept of crowdsourcing. Testbirds relies in its tests of the above mentioned software on the feedback of a multitude of external experts from different educational and vocational backgrounds bringing a diversity of prior IT-knowledge, personal interests and life experience into your project.

Why sign up?

Fair payment

You can earn money by telling us your opinion about software. The payments are proportional to the complexity of the task. For a regular usability test you would earn around 20 Euros or 15 pounds for example. There’s usually a fixed amount for your test report and additional payment for every Bug (defect) you find. If you find serious technical Bugs, you’ll earn even more!

Flexible hours

When you are invited to a test, you’ll see all the deadlines. It’s up to you, if you want to take part or not. You can choose to test during the daytime or at night at your convenience

You can sign up to become a testbird here: https://nest.testbirds.com/