The Careers Team are going to be famous!


Well, OK, so Anna from the careers team is appearing on the Money Talks programme tonight on BBC Radio Cumbria – so I suppose you could say the careers team will be famous, for an hour at least!

Anna has been invited onto the programme tonight by Adam Powell, who will be interviewing her for his recruitment special. It’s timely given that the academic year is drawing to an end and students are now looking for employment. It’s a great opportunity for the University to be represented on the programme and gives us a chance to talk about all of the opportunities available for graduates, especially those opportunities that are right here in Cumbria!

Some of the areas we hope to cover include: What are the skills needed to secure that job once you have your qualifications? How competitive is the jobs market for graduates at the moment? Where are University of Cumbria graduates finding employment?

If you want to hear Anna talk about recruitment and graduate prospects (and probably ramble off on a tangent about toast or something) then you can tune in to BBC Radio Cumbria at 6.00 pm tonight! You can listen live at

P.S. Anna will be tweeting from the Careers account tonight as well, so for lots of behind the scenes photos and tweets follow us @UoCCareers – if there is anything you want us to ask Adam, please feel free to tweet us a question!!