After you graduate – what now?


Last week was graduation here at the University of Cumbria, so it’s time to celebrate and enjoy your last few days at Uni. Have you got a graduate job lined up already? If so – well done! And if not – don’t panic! We are here to help you find your perfect job!

Stay focussed

For some students, they send off one application, have an interview and are offered the job – for other’s it’s a lot harder, especially if you are not 100% sure what you want to do. Try not to worry about what everyone else is doing and instead aim to focus your energies on your own job search. Take the time and effort to make each application count. Don’t worry if you don’t get offered a job right away – something better is waiting for you!

Do something different

“If you want something you’ve never had before, you have to do something you’ve never done before.” A great quote to keep in mind if the way you are approaching your job search just isn’t working. Change your approach! You could try writing a blog relating to your chosen career – it can be a great way to make contacts, get some experience, and is a great portfolio to show to potential employers. Also think about undertaking some short-term work experience to get a little bit of real-world experience – every little bit helps!

Say YES to everything!

OK, maybe not everything (have you ever tried eating 60 hard-boiled eggs in an hour?), but when an opportunity comes along, even if it doesn’t seem all that related to your chosen career, why not try saying yes and see what happens? You could make a new contact, a new friend, or even land a job on the back of it. By opening yourself up to new opportunities, you will encounter new things, places and people which could all have a positive impact on your job hunt!

It’s not all doom and gloom

Unemployment in Cumbria fell again last month and has plunged by 27 per cent in the last year. This means that the University of Cumbria 2014 Graduates are going to have more opportunities than our 2013 graduates. It’s not going to be easy (nothing worth having is!), but it’s true that there are more opportunities out there than a year ago – you might just have to be a bit more creative about where you look for them. Which leads me nicely onto:

Make a start

Here are a few quick things you can do right now to help with your job search:

  • There are loads of graduate opportunities on the JobShop, you can register for alerts, or you can search using loads of different filters.
  • Create a LinkedIn profile – and use it! This post from last month might help: 5 steps to a killer LinkedIn profile.
  • Use Twitter to find a job. A lot of opportunities in and around Cumbria are with SME’s and they don’t have a massive budget to advertise their vacancies. This useful article from Francesca Mitchell goes into lots of detail.
  • Set yourself SMART targets for your job search – you could even schedule time into your week to work on these. Set yourself a task whereby you contact three people you’ve met through work experience, or search twitter for local jobs (see above).

I hope that this post has helped easy any post-graduation panic, and that it has given you some action points that you can start on straight away. Remember that the careers service is here for you for up to three years after you graduate, so you can always email, phone or pop in for an appointment if you want to! We’d love to see you again!


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