9 Tricks to Write a Blog Post in Less Than 30 Minutes

For all you bloggers out there, our regular student contributor Sam has written this helpful post with some tips for getting a blog post out fast!


Writing a blog post can be notoriously time-consuming. In the present era, with ever tightening deadlines and increasing expectations, time is a precious commodity. So to help in your writing, here is a handy list of 9 ways of how to write a blog post in less than 30 minutes.

1. Let it come naturally


Although it’s useful to have a plan of some sort prior to writing a blog, it is good to be flexible and not stick to rigidly to it. The key to doing this is letting things come naturally and just writing what you feel without thinking about it too hard.
This way you are not overthinking what you write and you can always correct any errors in flow or consistency later on. Writing naturally is often more fun than sticking to a pre-defined plan and normally results in a more genuine response than something which is artificially constructed. Just let it come…..

2. Write a bullet pointed plan before you start


Following on from the previous bullet point, it is useful to have some sort of plan before you start. A simple bullet-pointed plan can be much more effective than copious amounts of planning. All you need are a few key words to get your writing juices flowing and you’re away……..

3. Give yourself a time limit


It’s well-renowned that humans work better under a deadline. From personal experience, this is true! All those all-nighters I pulled writing my essays at University worked well. Well, they certainly boosted my productivity, knowing the essay had to be in the next morning!
On a serious note, having some sort of deadline to work towards (say 30 minutes……) can really focus your mind and get you bashing out the words at an accelerated speed. It gives you a target, an end-point, but most importantly a finishing line, which necessitates that you say everything you want to before time runs out. Hurry, the clock is ticking!

4. Have a list post


These types of posts normally have the title of ’10 weird food combinations’ or maybe ‘9 tricks to write a blog post in It may be as simple as summarising the fundamental points of a topic or something like ‘Everything you need to know about Banking in 60 seconds’. A blog post like this can also be of a high quality as it is concise and gets to the point straight away. Furthermore, you might be more motivated if you are crossing of each bullet quickly, thus accentuating your efficiency.

5. Have a definite beginning, middle and end


Linking with tip 2, it is useful to have some sort of structure if you are writing a blog post. It is only a rough idea of a beginning, middle and end. This can help focus your writing, whilst making sure you don’t waffle on too much. It can also improve the flow of your writing.

6. Eliminate all distractions


Procrastination is almost a sport these days, it is that popular! It is unsurprising with the amount of distractions around, Facebook, games consoles, mobiles, TVs… the list goes on.
However, if you want to write a blog post in less than 30 minutes, you are going to have to make a conscious effort to get rid of these distractions.
Your blog post should be the only tab you have open on your computer. Furthermore, if the place you are working in is tidy that can also help as your mind goes into efficiency mode and there is no excuse to tidy things if they are already tidy…..

7. Check all your typos and errors at the end


Everyone makes typos, it’s just a fact of life. Even the most experienced writers will make plenty of errors in writing a blog post.
However, correcting all your errors at the end of a text is a lot less time-consuming than editing your blog constantly all the way through, which becomes a bit laborious. So if you make an error, just keep typing and correct it at the end.

8. Chunk the paragraphs up


Just as having a definite beginning, middle and end of a blog can help the speed of your piece, having that for each paragraph is useful to. You know the structure you are following, which makes compiling a blog post a lot easier.
If you keep to the same structure all the way through, it can increase the lucidity and coherence of your post and ultimately make it more readable.

9. Write from the heart


Bloggers often write about the things they are passionate about, whether it be politics, food or sport, everyone has got a passion. If you are writing about something you care deeply about, the words tend to flow faster and more naturally, with a more heartfelt response.
Often if you write from the heart about something you have more to say which reduces time planning and allows you to be more spontaneous and subsequently faster in writing a blog.

Hopefully all these tips will boost your productivity and allow you to write a blog post in 30 minutes. If you combine all this advice with hard work and desire, there’s no telling how far you could go.

Remember, everything seems impossible until it actually happens…… you can do anything you want if you put your mind to it, including writing a blog post in less than 30 minutes!

By Sam Curran

Sam has his own proofreading business. He charges from £3.00 per 1,000 words. He can help with style and content as well as grammatical and formatting issues. Sam has proofread for 6 years and has proofread pieces of work from Undergraduate to PHD level as well as editing CVs, job applications and personal statements. The business has its own Facebook page ‘Efficient Editing’ which you can contact Sam through. You can also get in touch with Sam by emailing him at samcurran@live.co.uk


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