Making the most of your time at university


In seeing all the freshers going to University now and just starting their academic journey, it makes me feel slightly envious. I had a great time at Uni, but I still wish I had made the most of my time there a bit more.

The Uni of Cumbria is a really good Uni and the Lancaster Campus is where I studied and I had some wonderful times there, but this article gives you some tips to make the most out of Uni life whether you are a fresher, second year or final year…..

The first thing that you should do is try and make as many friends as possible. I didn’t just stick to the people on my course; I also got friendly with people off other courses as well. This allowed me to build up a big network of friends and always have someone to go on a night out with! Seriously though it made life much more interesting as I got to interact with people off a lot of different courses and it definitely enhanced my University experience.

Although it sounds slightly clichéd to say it, something else you should do is try and get the best grade possible in your degree. It’s advice that you are probably sick of hearing and is a constant refrain, but I’m not suggesting that you go and spend every day down the library. What I am saying is that you should try and strike some sort of balance and if you are writing an essay, decide whether you work best on your own or with your mates. Some people leave writing essays to the last minute and having done this myself on at least one occasion, there is something of a buzz you get when the deadline is the next day. However, whether this is a wise choice is something I’ll leave you to decide. Doing essays with your mates can be fun in my own experience.

Also, see what you can get out of Uni. I don’t mean in a financial sense, but see what you can blag in terms of gym memberships, use of facilities and even a quiet place to study. Of course wherever you are at Uni, there will be plenty of promotions for nights out and you should snap these up as well as there are loads of good deals on offer. You’d be surprised what you could get out of Uni if you put your mind to it, even a part-time job in some cases.

I think the other thing I would say is live life to the full whilst you are at Uni, there is no point in stopping yourself from doing things you may as well just have a go at everything and try things out. The mantra work hard, play hard definitely applies to your time at Uni. Maybe not going out 5 times a week like my friends did but going out every week is not a bad thing. You have just got to make sure that it doesn’t interfere with your life and academic commitments.

Always think about what you want to say about your time at Uni when you leave and do all those things that you want to. If you do that, you will have a great time!

By Sam Curran

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