Postgraduate Routes into Teacher Training


So you want to be a teacher? The good news is there are loads of different routes into teaching nowadays – the bad news is you have to decide which is best for you – easier said than done, right! Don’t worry, the Careers Team are here to help!

We’ve pulled together some useful links for you below, as well as some ‘Routes into Teaching’ videos produced by UoC.

If you are going to be applying through UCAS, remember the old saying ‘the sooner the better’ – UCAS have just opened the scheme now (late October 2014) so start prepping your application now! has a really useful guide to writing your personal statement here: and the UCAS website has a great guide to filling in your application here:

The University of Cumbria’s YouTube channel has some handy videos that show what’s on offer here at UoC, with lots of advice on the different routes you can take:

Not sure which route is right for you? Try out this nifty tool on the UCAS Teacher Training (UTT) website:

It’s also worth having a look at the other routes into teaching that aren’t included in UTT here:

And why not have a look at UCAS TV for information too?

We really hope that this blog post has been useful – please feel free to ask us any questions in the comments or you can tweet us your questions @UoCCareers.

Remember the the careers team are here to help – email to ask us questions, get feedback on your application, or to book an appointment with us.