What I got from my University of Cumbria Experience

Today’s guest post is from Sam Curran, an alumni of the University of Cumbria. Today Sam is talking about what he got out of his time at UoC. Take it away, Sam!



It’s fair to say that I had a mixed time when I went to University, although that I have only good things to say about the University of Cumbria, a top-quality institution with stacks to offer. But as well as my degree, what did I actually get from it which would be useful to me after I graduated?


Life experience

This is certainly the first thing which springs to mind and something which I needed to get. I came to Uni as quite a raw, fairly naïve 18 year old and left a well-rounded 21 year old. In short, it made me grow up. We have all heard in the media about University being a ‘rite of passage’ and it sounds clichéd to say it, but it really was for me as it got me thinking more about life and turned me into an adult, rather than the kid I was when I came to Uni.

Friends for Life and change 

They say at Uni you make friends for life and I definitely did whilst I was at Cumbria and not just with the people off my course. It was people I met at parties, in the library, a lot of people really and it was probably the first time in my life that I had got access to a great community where I could see people every day and this is something that I will really miss about University. I also grew a lot as a person. Prior to coming to University, I was quite a shy and introverted person and now I am a lot more extroverted. All the people who I made friends with really brought me out of myself and made me open up more, although I am sure that the nights out helped too!

Knowledge and creativity

I have a reasonably good memory but it is the high quality teaching that I received at Uni which made everything stick, something which will be invaluable for me in the future and it is also the place that I got some good ideas from, like the idea to set-up my own proofreading business and try other things out like sports coaching and tutoring, even going out, which is something I had never done before I went to Cumbria. I even took up modelling, which is something else that I had never tried before (see photo at the top of the blog) and something which really brought me out of myself, as you can tell from the broody nature of the poses! I became much more of an all-rounder throughout my time at University and developed into a better person.

Resilience and growth

As anyone who has gone to University will know, it can be a tough time which really tests you to your limits and you see what you are made of. You face challenges in every aspect of your daily lives like making ends meet with money, getting all your assignments done, placements and getting on with all the people that you live with. It is quite a maelstrom of challenges and forces you to grow as a person, even though I would say that one day my experience at University could be the making of me.

Perhaps the biggest thing which I got out of Uni was the whole experience and how it prepared me well for the future with everything I learnt there, in an academic and a personal sense. In some ways, I wish I could back and make even more of my time there but I will always have fond memories. The thing I would say to any student who has just gone into Uni now is that it will be hard and a rollercoaster of a ride, but it is one which you will definitely enjoy and make the best of.


Sam has his own proofreading business. He charges from £3.00 per 1,000 words. He can help with style and content as well as grammatical and formatting issues. Sam has proofread for 6 years and has proofread pieces of work from Undergraduate to PHD level as well as editing CVs, job applications and personal statements. The business has its own Facebook page ‘Efficient Editing’ which you can contact Sam through. You can also get in touch with Sam by emailing him at samcurran@live.co.uk