The best careers for your personality type

Ever wondered why you are drawn to certain careers and not others? For example, are you convinced you’d be happiest if you were a writer and not a boardroom executive? You might think your job preference goes hand in hand with your career training, but it often runs deeper than that.

Your personality type has a lot to do with why you fancy some jobs over others. Truity Psychometrics, a provider of online personality and career assessments, and the developer of the TypeFinder personality type assessment, put together a useful infographic with details of career options preferred by the various personality types recognized today.

The infographic breaks down psychologist Carl Jung’s 16 different four-letter personality types and dissects how people make decisions and understand the world based on the four dimensions of personality types – introvert, extrovert, thinker or a feeler. Check out the infographic below. Understanding your personality type can be critical in helping you find your true calling and a lifelong career that makes you happy.

Found via Lifehack: