Guest Post: Supply Work with Hexa Education

This week we have a guest blog post from Hexa Education, one of the supply agencies who attended our agency fair in March. There are a number of supply agencies across the country covering different regions and types of roles, so make sure you do your research and  if you want some more advice on which ones to sign up for contact the Careers Service on

 Are you training to become a Teacher or Teaching Assistant? If so, have you ever thought about working for a Supply Agency, like Hexa Education, to assist you in gaining vital experience within the classroom before you secure a permanent position?

Here at Hexa Education we have relationships with Primary, Secondary, Further Education and Special Educational Need schools within the North of England. We can help you to gain experience in the classroom that could enhance your skills and attributes in your future career within education.

How do Recruitment Agencies work?

As a Recruitment Agency, we provide you with our dedicated time and attention to fully understand your preferences when it comes to your career and your future job opportunities. We then seek work to suit you!

We can provide you with work that is day to day supply cover. This nature of work allows you to experience a variety of different educational settings that you may have not had the opportunity to experience during your course. It is also a great opportunity for you to interact with other members of staff within the education sector and make connections that could potentially lead you into your career.  Working on Supply opens up multiple doors!

Day to day supply generally arises when a member of staff is off sick, or perhaps they are working outside of school grounds that day, possibly on a course or field trip.

We can also provide you with long term and permanent positions. This nature of work often results from day to day supply bookings, as you become aware of vacancies within schools and, as you have built relationships whilst in schools from day to day, you stand a strong chance of securing an interview if there was a vacancy become available that you were interested in.

Long term cover can result from absences such as a Maternity leave, long term sickness and a general permanent vacancy position that has become available.

During your time with Hexa Education we aim to present you with experiences you will enjoy and that meet your expectations, which could then lead to a successful career in your chosen field.

 Not completed your Teaching Course yet?

This is not a problem as well. Working as a Teaching Assistant whilst you are completing your Teaching course is always an option. This will allow you to observe other teachers and reflect on your own practice, and again, provide you with vital classroom experience.

If you would like to speak to us about registering with Hexa Education then please call Ben or Sarah on 0161 882 1050. Alternatively you can e-mail us on either or  You can also find out more about us at