Student Enterprise Blog – Let me know your thoughts!

At this time of year I start to consider what events we could put on for students and graduates in the coming academic year and really want these sessions to be in the areas which UoC students and graduates want to see run and would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions!

2014/2015 was a busy year and we ran some great events such as the session on ‘Protecting your Intellectual Property’ an essential area especially if you are producing work and you want to develop some knowledge on how to protect your work and the processes which are involved.  Many of our students and graduates look to do this.  This session which was held at the Business Interaction Centre on Paternoster Row, Carlisle and delivered by the Intellectual Property Office was interactive and fun and the feedback was great, we will probably look to host this again in the new academic year around November time, if you want to come along or just want more information as ever let me know.

I have a small budget to pay for such events and bring in some great guest speakers, so to help you get the topics which you want to see it would be great if you could feed this information in to me either directly or via the careers team and I will try and include them in my planning.  Look forward to hearing your views  just comment on this post or email me on!