A Career Ahead Story



Congratulations to Chloe Hilton, our latest Career Ahead participant to complete the full award! We asked her to give us a quick interview on how she found the award and how it has benefited her employability journey. Here’s what she had to say:

What made you want to do Career Ahead?

I wanted a bit more to talk about in my CV and in the applications I was doing. I wanted to learn how I could articulate the skills that I have.

How did you manage completing the award alongside your workload?

With regards to Bronze, I found it really easy to dip in and out of it when I had some spare time. When it came to Silver, I already had a part-time job and I also wanted to set up a placement which related to my course so it gave me more incentive to do that. The workshops I completed were easy to do in my spare time because they were short and to the point and available online.

Which element of the award did you find most useful and why?

The part of the award I found most useful was the reflective writing tasks. This was because I’ve never thought reflectively before about my skills and I think it has prepared me for talking about these employability skills at interview.

How do you think completing the award will help/ benefit you in the future?

I feel like I’d have more to talk about in an interview and in my future applications, and I’ll have key examples of each skill I’ll talk about. Also, the fact I’ve completed this award boosts my CV and my professional profile.

Would you recommend this to other students? If so why?

I would recommend this, yes. I’d recommend it to all students because I think it’s a great opportunity to see where your strengths lie and where you could improve.


To join Career Ahead please email your name and student number to: careerahead@cumbria.ac.uk