Become a Cumbria Mentor and Enhance Your Employability


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What is the Cumbria Mentor Scheme?

The Cumbria Mentor Scheme gives new students a fantastic opportunity to gain an insight into what the year ahead will be like from someone who has already been through their first year. The mentor’s job is to offer a friendly and supportive helping hand through the transtion into university life, providing a personal perspective on developing in this environment. The goal is to encourage an open setting where students feel free to explore their issues and raise questions.

Why become a Cumbria Mentor? The Benefits:

Training to be a Cumbria Mentor works to enhance your employability by developing your skills and experience. Skills such as leadership, communication, empathy, active listening, safeguarding, interpersonal skills and much more. One of the main skills the scheme can give you is helping you to gain much needed confidence through one-to-one student support.

Upon training as a Cumbria Mentor, you are encouraged to use the hours accumulated in the scheme toward completing the Career Ahead Award. This is a great way to evidence all you have achieved volunteering as a mentor, whilst also gaining an award that actively boosts your employability through targeted skills development and reflection. Both the scheme and award combined show prospective employers how you have gone above and beyond! To find out more about the employability award email the team at:

How do I become a Mentor?

Mentor training involves attending a half-day session. This session looks at: the role of a mentor, how to get started, mentor duties and responsibilities, benefits and skills gained as well as the different types of mentor. If you would like to find out more about becoming a volunteer mentor then please email the scheme leader with your student number, contact details and the course you are studying at: