How to: Get a Job in Marketing


Read tips from two successful candidates’ journeys though the Victoria Plumb graduate interview process.

What to expect at an assessment day

  • Bring an email that encouraged you to open it and visit the website
  • Prepare a short presentation about what was engaging
  • Writing meta descriptions to demonstrate SEO knowledge
  • Maths test to assess your understanding of graphs and data

Group tasks

  • Design a new product
  • Rebrand the company
  • Prepare a group presentation

Candidate advice

  • Research the company, ownership, management structure, press mentions and company history
  • Check blogs and social media
  • Check competitors and shape of the market
  • Research the job role and potential interview questions

What to wear?

  • Play it safe and look professional
  • Dress smart and wear a bright colour to stand out

Preparing your CV

  • Proof read for errors
  • Tailor your CV for the job you are applying for
  • Get your cover letter right and show your personality
  • Match the required skills to your experiences

Making a good first impression

  • Start with a good handshake and make eye contact
  • Be yourself and show your personality
  • Make a connection with the interviewer
  • Use humour to make a good impression (don’t overdo it)
  • Let people talk, but stand your ground

Standing out in a group scenario

  • Listen to others. Don’t shout and talk over other people
  • Offer input (good ideas only)
  • Relax, socialise and build rapport
  • Teamwork is key – show your co-operation skills

Preparing for the final interview

  • Research common interview questions and prepare answers
  • Build rapport with the interviewers and have questions prepared
  • Make your answers industry related
  • Memorise your interviewer’s names beforehand
  • Relax and be confident

How to exit an assessment day

  • Leave with a strong handshake
  • Make a nice, friendly comment
  • Be formal and professional
  • Network with other interviewees

Social media

  • Check privacy settings on Facebook
  • Delete any profanities from social media and make sure content is clean

Common mistakes

  • Don’t be overbearing or try too hard
  • Don’t try to control everything
  • Don’t be late!!
  • Don’t talk over people