Giving Yourself the Best Chance of Securing a Graduate Job in a Rural Area – Part I

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For students living or studying in more rural locations, the thought of securing a graduate job relating to your degree subject can be daunting.

Of course, there’s always going to be a higher proportion of entry-level schemes and vacancies in and around urban areas but don’t spend your time fretting about the prospect of having to relocate, there are plenty of ways to help give yourself the best chance of securing a graduate job in a less densely populated location.

Turn your location into an advantage

Take Cumbria itself, for example. The county is home to a vast array of high-profile graduate employers, such as BAE Systems, Tata, Nestle, GSK, Heinz and Sellafield to name just a few.

One of the major hurdles these companies will face when they come to recruiting graduates is to convince relocators to move to a quieter location. This can be tricky when many graduates have their hearts set on working in glamourous and cosmopolitan urban settings.

Here’s where your experience of living or studying in a less urban area can help you stand out amongst the vast amount of applicants that will be fighting for a place on a graduate scheme. This is because you’ll either already live in a more rural area not too far from a given organisation’s location, or you’ll be able to demonstrate how you’re happy to live in a perceivably ‘quieter’ area due to your choice of university.

If you can put this across well in an application you’ll gain a big advantage over many other applicants. Companies offering graduate schemes will be worried about losing out on the investment they put into training entry-level employees and straight away you’re better equipped to convince an employer that you’re not likely to jump ship at the first opportunity for an alternative job in a city setting.

In part II of this blog we’ll look at the importance of building up your employability skills whilst at university and how to overcome any transport problems presented by living and studying in rural areas. But in the meantime is there any other aspect of finding graduate work in a rural location you’re worried about or need help with? Please feel free to put any questions you might have to us in the reply section of this article.

Mark Bradford

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