#UoCMedia – Top Tips from Industry Professionals

The Careers and Employability Service recently hosted a Media Industry Day at the Brampton Road Campus. Today we thought we’d share some top tips from the industry professionals that spoke at the event.


Jacqui Hodgson – Editor, Factual Programmes: North East and Cumbria, BBCbbc logo

“How to get noticed by big companies: your skills give you an advantage and set you apart. Luck and timing does have something to do with it, and if you are tenacious, start at the bottom and work hard, you’ll get there”



Finn H Drude, Freelance Filmmaker

“Always be on the ball!”pic1

“Keep in touch with contacts: find a system to keep in touch with your contacts, for example, every Monday night send emails. Check the content of what you’re sending out – is it relevant, is it valuable/useful to them? What do you want from them? Research your contact and keep focused on your goal. Mention something that you like about them – make it relevant and be specific – what skills do you want to build?”


Sebastian Morgan, Blue Butterfly Media

pic3“Make it original and make it your own. Make things happens for yourself – don’t wait for someone else to set something up – do it yourself!”

“It doesn’t happen overnight, there is not always as easy or obvious route. But there will be a way of getting where you want to be”


Richard Berry – Freelance Creative and Co-Founder of No Routes Found

“It’s not all filming on snowy mountains!”


“There are people at UoC who can help you! For example: Mock interviews! Email: careers@cumbria.ac.uk


Anna Bridges, Carlisle Photo Festival

Cf7K1wNWIAA_R-q“Crowdfunding: Make sure you put the work in before you start asking for money – show them what they’ll get. Keep going with continued activity, even small updates to keep interest up and to keep your funders engaged”

“Promotion: Get the right people to look at your blog/website/whatever and ask them to share it. Use your networks. Find places to be relevant. INTERACT! Ask questions and engage with your followers. Trends and timing are important”


Our favourite tip of the day was repeated by many of the event speakers:

“There’s not always an easy or obvious route, but there will always be a route for you to make films”


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