12 Days of Careers-mas: Day 5


On the fifth day of Careers-mas, Gary gave to me… fiiiiive steps to setting achievable goals (doesn’t quite have the same ‘ring’ to it hahaha!!).

Use the SMART approach when setting your careers goals:

S Specific   What do I want to accomplish?
Why do I want to accomplish this?
What are the requirements/constraints?
M Measurable   How will I measure my progress?
How will I know when my goal is accomplished?
A Achievable   How can the goal be accomplished?
What are the logical steps I should take?
R Relevant   Is this a worthwhile goal?
Is it in line with my long term career goals?
Do I have the resources to complete this goal?
T Time-bound   How long will it take to accomplish this goal?
When will I complete it by?

SMART goal-setting worksheet (MSWord)