Friday’s Featured Vacancy – NQT Recruitment Pools in Derby and Leicester

Applications are now open for NQT Recruitment pools in Leicester (both secondary and primary) and Derby (primary only).

In both schemes the pool interviews are led by serving heads and deputies. Interviews last up to 30 minutes and candidates are able to leave promptly to reduce any interruption to placement or training time on that day. After the interviews the details of successful candidates are made available to headteachers, saving the time and expense of first stage advertising and enabling them to short list from the pool. While this is not a guarantee of a job, the pools put candidates in a ‘shop window’ that reduces the times involved and have proved to be highly effective for all involved.

Further information and links to book an interview and open an application are available at  and Interviews are booked on a first-come-first-served basis and once an application is opened, candidates can return to complete it up until a few days before.


nqt-pool-1 nqt-pool-2 nqt-pool-3 nqt-pool-4