Graduate Destinations – Lauren Mines, Graphic Designer

Today we’ve been speaking with Lauren Mines who graduated from the BA (Hons) Graphic Design course in 2016. We asked her about getting her first graduate job as a Graphic Designer.

Lauren Mines – BA (Hons) Graphic Design, University of Cumbria


Where are you from?

Chester-le-Street, County Durham


What made you choose the University of Cumbria?

The area felt safe, the living costs were affordable, and the course stood out amongst other universities where I attended interviews.


Why did you choose the Graphic Design course?

The small class sizes, and the many projects you completed per year compared to other Universities, which often only offered 4 projects a year to complete.


What did you like most about your course?

The incredibly regular interactions you have with your tutors, which is unrivalled. Tutors know you by name, and offer support throughout your time there.


What is your current job title?

Graphic Designer


Which company do you work for?

Autodesk, in Birmingham


What was the application process like?

The job was advertised online without saying who the employer was, as it was advertised by an agency. I sent my CV and a link to my portfolio to the agency, who contacted me to say I had an interview to which they then disclosed who the employer was.


How did you prepare for your interview?

I thoroughly researched the company, and prepared some questions to ask at the end to ensure I came across as engaged. I also, by this point, had already been through two other graphic design interviews (one of which asked particularly tough questions such as “What would you say your biggest weakness is?”), which I felt had prepared me well for this one.


What was the interview process like?

The interview was conducted by one person (who is now my senior designer). I answered some questions, talked through my CV, and presented my portfolio. I then had to complete a test which entailed replicating a printed leaflet into InDesign.


Were there any surprises?

I was informed when I was offered the interview that it was for the company Delcam, a CADCAM software company. However, during the interview process it was revealed to me that Autodesk was buying Delcam and so I’d be working for Autodesk. This came as a huge surprise as Autodesk is a huge international company and I had even used their software in my graphic design work – I couldn’t believe I had a chance to work for them so left the interview quite shocked!


If you had to say one thing to someone aiming to get a job like yours what would it be?

Don’t be put off applying for jobs that do not disclose who the employer is due to being advertised by an agency, and if you secure an interview for a company you’re not too interested in working for, still attend the interview. It firstly gives you the chance to gain more experience in being interviewed, and secondly, there could be a huge surprise like there was for me.


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