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A Step Up For Social Work Training?

On the lines of new in-service training programmes for graduates wishing to become teachers, there is now a similar on-the-job route open to would-be Social Workers.

Step Up to Social Work is a 14-month tailored programme for high-achieving graduates or career changers with experience of working with children and young people to train as social workers. The great news for those that fit this description is that they will have their tuition fees paid for and receive a bursary of over £19,000.

Students are work-based throughout their training and delivery arrangements vary according to agreements between the universities and regional partnerships running the Step Up to Social Work programme.  They may include formal lectures and e-learning, as well as internal local authority training provision and one-to-one support.

For more information 

Contact: Step Up To Social Work Programme, Penna Plc (Tel. 0845 366 5557)

Meanwhile for qualified Social Workers, we are hearing the Cumbria Children’s Services have started recruiting again following a long period of austerity and that Randstad Newcastle are providing them with contract staff.


Teacher Training Bursaries for FE Teachers

We have been informed that a system of bursaries of £1,000 has been introduced from 2012 for trainees to take accredited Diploma courses in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector (DTLLS), or a level 6 PGCE qualification.

Bursaries of £1,500 will also be introduced for trainees who are taking accredited initial courses in teacher training and who are intending to teach basic Maths and English in the FE and Skills sector.

Teacher Training News

Here are some latest highlights on developments in teacher training:

FE Teachers Able to Teach in Schools?

Subject to approval by parliament, schools will from April 2012 be able to employ teachers who hold qualified teacher learning and skills (QTLS – the professional status for teachers in further education). Head teachers will have the freedom to employ the qualified teacher that best meets the requirements of the job, regardless of whether their background is in schools or further education. Currently, QTLS holders cannot take up posts in Secondary schools.

Plans for Primary Teacher Training

From 2012/13 the Training and Development Agency (TDA) will prioritise primary courses that offer a specialism, particularly in the sciences, mathematics or modern languages. For 2013/14 they expect to adjust financial incentives for trainees to favour trainees on specialist primary courses with a good A-level in mathematics, a science, or a language, over those on generalist courses. They will also require most trainees to hold a 2.1 or first to be eligible for a bursary.

PGCE Bursaries for 2012-13

In line with a new TDA strategy to prioritise trainees with the best qualifications, bursaries for 2012-13 will vary considerably according to the level of degree attained by the applicant as well as teaching shortage areas.

So a Secondary Maths, Physics or Modern Languages student will receive £20,000 if they achieve a first class degree but only £12,000 if they only get a 2.2. The comparative figures for Primary trainees with the same qualifications will be £9,000 and £0.

Information Source: AGCAS

Col’s Comment:

Along with the proposal to allow former HM Forces employees to enter teaching if they can pass relevant skills tests, the new bursary structure may be the most controversial part of the new teacher training strategy. It has been well-researched that students from prosperous backgrounds are more likely to achieve high grades, thus entitling them to the de-luxe level bursaries. Some may therefore query the lack of an ‘inclusiveness’ element in the new strategy and feel it reflects the political preferences of current policy makers.

NHS News

£1,000 Grants for Health Students

A new financial package means all health students are entitled to a £1,000 grant a year and can also apply for a means-test bursary and loan. For details see

The funding applies to both undergraduate and postgraduate study such as the 2 year accelerated nursing courses for graduates in related disciplines and ends the discrepancy of funding regimes for Nurse training, whereby degree students could not claim an NHS bursary.

NHS Jobs Website

Applicants for posts on bear in mind that they may need to apply before stated closing dates as adverts may be withdrawn early if sufficient applications have been received. Using the advanced search facility may be helpful when searching for less common jobs.

Source: AGCAS

Big Changes to PGCE Bursaries for Trainee Teachers…

were announced by the Government last week.

For September 2011, TDA (Training and Development Agency) bursaries will only be available for those studying for PGCE/PGDE in shortage Secondary subjects:-

  • Physics, Chemistry, Engineering and Mathematics will attract a bursary of £9,000
  • Biology, Combined/General Science and Foreign Languages will attract a bursary of £6,000

This effectively withdraws the bursary for Primary PGCE courses, although the number of course places will rise slightly to reflect the increasing number of primary pupils.

There will also be a big increase in places on the “Teach First” programme, whereby graduates can gain teaching experience without first gaining a qualification.

A Career as a Teacher in Further Education

Previously, information available on this developing career has been rather sparse but the situation has changed thanks to improvements on two key websites.

Lifelong Learning UK

Careers information can now be clearly accessed from the home page – click on Information and Advice Service to find detailed handouts on topics such qualifications and bursaries. Within the careers section there is also information on Skills for Life, careers guidance, youth work, and teaching in Higher Education.

FE Teacher Training Courses

As of January 1st it will be possible to search for a full or regional list of courses via which previously only offered incomplete information. It is still possible to get a full list by emailing Lifelong Learning UK or ringing their advice line.

Incidentally, bursaries for FE teacher training full-time pre service diplomas (DTLLs) for 2011/12 are expected to be announced in March 2011.

Source: AGCAS