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Trials and tribulations of Thursdays Top Tips

Hello everyone, for weeks I have been trying to launch a mini video series that I will dub Thursdays Top Tips. This is in a bid to give a more personal presentation for some of our information. I personally had a chunk of time off and wasn’t able to actual film the clips ready to use before my holiday so that has delayed the efforts somewhat, I apologise. If you follow our Instagram you will have seen that I had said I will be introducing this soon.

After returning I filmed the intro and first episode ready to upload but have then hit odd roadblocks in trying to post it out for you guys. As the original idea was to have these on Instagram we tried to keep them short just as 30 sec – 1 minute videos which I’ve seen before on Instagram (Video 1 the introduction was 43seconds and video 2 the first episode about My Career Enriched was 31seconds these times include the titlecards/splashcreens I was using). But it wouldn’t let me upload them from either to Instagram or Facebook via the sites directly or the social media manager we use. I have checked file types and sizes which should be useable but still get an error message when trying to upload them and this has been attempted with both the raw video file and my edited version where I’ve trimmed the start and end of the clip as well as adding a title card.

Thursdays Top Tips Thumbnails

Picture of the thumbnail and title card I was trying to use

I also went to find a PC designed for video editing so that I could use adobe premiere to trim and edit certain parts and convert it form a .mov to .mpeg4 even through Facebook says it accepts both formats I attempted to eliminate this potential issue. Via premiere and media encoder I cut down the file size as well, although again checking what you can upload this was well within a usable range. I still had no luck in uploading, at this point it had been attempted directly from the iPhone, my workstation and the editing suite still with no luck.  It has allowed me to upload it to my personal Facebook page but not the Careers Page.


My Workstation


The Video editing Suite

On a side note whilst using the video uploader in Facebook I also played around with adding subtitles, although the auto generated ones didn’t quite work manually typing them in was easy enough once I got the hang of it. If I do find out how to get the videos up I will aim to utilise this feature so the videos are more accessible.

I might have to scrap the video idea and just present this information with images.

But: What’s your opinion? Should I keep trying to get the videos up? Have I overlooked an obvious fix?

Fully funded opportunity to study at Cambridge University

Interested in studying for a second degree in the arts or humanities?
St John’s College, Cambridge are offering the opportunity to spend another 3 years in academia at their expense. The John Crook Scholarship covers all costs including fees and a grant of at least £1080 per month for living expenses.
You need to be:
– the first in your family to attend university
– demonstrate exceptional academic performance in your degree
– a British citizen
Call 01223 338789 to find out more or download an application form at

Using Social Media To Find Jobs – Start Now!

Recent articles in “Graduate Recruiter” magazine emphasise that it’s never to early for students to start sussing out possible employers using social networks.

Employers are actively seeking to meet potential employees through the likes of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn in increasing numbers and increasingly early in your academic career.  There is even a new buzzword for this trend – Recruitment 4.0.

Statistics quoted in “Graduate Recruiter” show that:

  • 89% of employers surveyed plan to recruit staff via social media – up massively from the current 8.2% who already do.
  • 55% will increase spending on social recruiting while a third will cut back spending on more traditional methods (jobs boards, agencies, etc).

Fascinatingly, a separate survey indicates that 25% of employers using social media to find employees want to make contact with first year students and 14% even look to contact students who are still at school.

It’s not quite a case of apply as soon as you start your studies, but clearly digging for employers on Facebook and elsewhere and following their tweets is a strategy that could pay off later on down the line.

Help for Student Nurses From the RCN

The RCN  – aka the Royal College of Nursing – offers extensive help to RCN student members as follows:

  • Support for students who are in danger of failing modules  (contact Student Adviser Gill Robertson) or are faced with difficulties over placements (via RCN helpline 0345 408 4391).
  • The Betty Kershaw Bursary for newly-qualified nurses active in RCN offers financial support towards a top-up degree or other forms of further learning.
  • This year’s RCN Congress (Harrogate, 13 – 17 May offers a careers exhibition and (between 14th and 16th May) a series of student focus events.

Also of interest for non-RCN members and prospective nurses, the RCN website now offers open access to a series of careers articles and case studies covering a variety of specialist Nursing roles, including several not generally found within the NHS.

Hibernia College UK – More Information

Further to the previous post on alternative teacher training routes, here is some more information from the above organisation from the Training and Development Agency (TDA):

Hibernia College UK Limited (HCUK) was accredited by the Training and Development Agency (TDA) as a new initial teacher training (ITT) provider in September 2011 and has been allocated maths, chemistry and physics initial teacher training (ITT) and subject knowledge enhancement (SKE) places for both 2011/12 and 2012/13 academic years.

Its first cohorts of maths chemistry and physics ITT and SKE trainees started their training on 23 January 2012. HCUK has further cohorts starting on 16 April 2012 and is planning additional cohorts for July and September 2012 starts.

HCUK offers:

• “freestanding” maths, chemistry and physics SKE courses that are open to trainees accepted onto other accredited ITT providers’ maths, chemistry and physics ITT courses (conditional on them undertaking an appropriate SKE course); and
• “SKE integrated” maths, chemistry and physics ITT courses: postgraduate ITT courses that deliver SKE, integrated with ITT, within a two year in length course.

Although HCUK is based in London, it is a national ITT provider for the simple reason that its courses have been developed as interactive, online courses and are accessible to potential trainees wherever they might be located throughout England.