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Reasons To Get Into Student Mentoring


Student mentoring can seem an unnecessary stress on top of a university workload. But rather than something that gets in the way of work, it can be something which goes hand in hand with it. Alongside the academic benefits, student mentoring can up your personal skills, boost confidence, and even help with post university employability. Read on for all the reasons to get into student mentoring.

Builds Your Own Confidence And Self Esteem

One of the best ways to feel more confident in yourself is through helping others. Not only will you realise that you’re more skilled and knowledgeable than you thought you were, but you’ll learn to use you knowledge in innovative ways. Plus, doing something nice for someone else always makes you feel better about yourself.

Develop Employability Skills

To name just a few skills: listening, rapport building, people skills, public speaking, teamwork, leadership and management are all massively boosted by student mentoring.

Makes You Feel More Involved With Your University

It’s easy whilst at uni to feel like a small fish in a big pond. But by connecting with your department and with other students, you’ll realise you’re an intrinsic part of a bigger picture.

Meet New People…

In spite of all the social events, university can sometimes feel lonely. Mentoring is a great way to meet new people – be it your mentees, or other mentors. And because you’re all studying the same course, conversation is easy and you’ll always have something to talk about!

…And Build Connections

You never know what will happen post uni, so securing positive relationships now is key. It’s always useful to put out favours that can potentially be recalled down the line.

Volunteering Looks Great For Future Employers

Student mentoring shows you to be a compassionate, driven and self-motivated person, which are all really appealing skills for future potential employers.

Enhances CV And Job Applications

Applying for jobs straight from university can be daunting, particularly if you have no experience in your field. Student mentoring is a great way to bulk out that aspect of your CV.

Good Use For Acquired Skills And Experience

Student mentoring can help you academically, too. It gives you an opportunity to test and stretch yourself, and try to put your newly acquired skills into practice.

Can Help You See New Ways To Work

Another way student mentoring can boost your academic prowess is by seeing how others work. Through close collaboration with another student, you may see new and useful ways of problem solving and producing work that you’d never have discovered on your own.

Helps You Stay Cognisant Of Your Own Development

By constantly reinvigorating your academic skills, student mentoring will help you see where you’re thriving and where you need to spend some extra time. It’s like practising at working, all while helping out someone else – win win!


Annie Walton Doyle writes for Inspiring Interns, which specialises in finding candidates their perfect internship. To browse our graduate jobs London listings, visit our website.

Friday’s Featured Opportunity: Student Mentoring Scheme

The UK Recruitment team are currently looking for confident, enthusiastic, self-motivated and committed students, who are interested in enhancing their CV, having the opportunity to participate in training and development activities and experience the satisfaction of helping young people to develop and achieve their goals, whilst being paid for doing so.

Student Mentors are University of Cumbria students who mentor learners in secondary schools in Cumbria and North Lancashire at a key stage in their educational journey.

We are looking to recruit Student Mentors for the academic year 2017/18.  They would be required to attend all five sessions in their allocated school plus a campus visit – with the approximate dates as follows:

Option 1 week beginning 26 February; option 2 week beginning 23 April.

The deadline for applications is 22 January 2018.

Any student interested in applying can do so HERE, and for more information email

Friday Featured Vacancy: Volunteer Mentor at Shelter


Would you like to be a Mentor for a Large National Charity working with Offenders on a brand new project?

Do you have an interest in supporting offenders or the Criminal Justice Sector?

Do you want to use your skills and experience to help others?

If so get in touch! Shelter is currently recruiting mentors in Cumbria and Lancashire to provide clients with an offending history with practical assistance around a variety of issues and to act as a positive role model. The aim of the service is to assist people who want to improve their life skills and create positive opportunities for their development.

Benefits of Mentoring

  • Experience working within the Criminal Justice Sector
  • Enhances your CV, we can help you to update this and will provide references if you leave
  • Opportunities to progress into paid employment

Full training and support will be offered to all Volunteer Mentors. If you are interested, please contact Leanne Fretwell 07580 140450

This is a voluntary position that supports the work of our services and is not replacing the work of a paid member of staff.