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Employer Focus: Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust


At Sussex Partnership we have a number of nursing vacancies across our services in both mental health and Learning disabilities, we want to offer University of Cumbria students who are graduating this year the opportunity to come and join us!

Who are we?

Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust is 5,000 passionate and dedicated clinicians, support staff and managers, working hand in hand with partners in the community to care for and support vulnerable people.

Together, we provide mental health, learning disability, substance misuse and prison healthcare throughout Sussex, along with a range of specialist services across the south east of England and beyond. We’re now one of the most influential and most well respected mental health trusts in the country and, as a teaching trust of Brighton and Sussex Medical School, we’re developing a national reputation for leading-edge research.

We are optimistic about the future for the NHS and social care, and our place in that future. Join us!

Nursing at Sussex

As a Sussex Partnership Nurse, you will be part of a nursing workforce of over two and a half thousand. Our services as I am sure you know are provided right across Sussex, with specialist services in Hampshire, Kent and Medway and Lewisham. We pride ourselves on being a Teaching Trust; and value our nurses by encouraging them to continue their training and development by;

  1. Supporting completion of a structured preceptorship period for newly qualified staff
  2. Funding short and longer programmes of study including brief courses, internal and external conferences and postgraduate study.
  3. Developing new roles and career paths including non-medical prescribing, non-medical approved clinicians and clinical academic posts.
  4. Providing opportunities to engage in research through membership of the Sussex Partnership research network

What can we offer?

We currently have a number of Band 5 Nursing opportunities available across our services.

Salary for Band 5 Staff nurses:
Band 5 (£21,478 – £27,901) in addition we are paying our nurses a £2000 Golden Hello (retention clause applies)

Relocation support?
We will pay £500 towards helping you relocate to Sussex

View our current vacancies: NHS Jobs website

Visit our website for more information about the Trust:

Relocting to Sussex:


Careers in Healthcare – where to look! (Friday’s Featured Vacancy – 09/05/2014)

Looking for your first job can be quite a daunting prospect, but don’t worry, the University of Cumbria Careers Team are here to help!

Our Health Professions pages will help you find a wealth of information and resources related to working in the health and well-being sector.

In addition to this every year there are a number of events and fairs at the University which will allow you to meet the professionals and get advice directly from them.

Once you have had a look at all the resources available online, if you still need some help and support, email the careers service and we can help point you in the direction!

Applying for posts

All NHS trusts use the NHS careers website. You can search by type of job or location. You can also subscribe to receive updates.

Private sector posts are listed on a number of sites

Guide to applying for your first nursing post (pdf)
Guide to applying for your first nursing post (word doc)

UoC Careers Service  Guides to specific careers paths

Useful links

NHS Careers website

Nursing Standard  publication  of the Royal College of Nursing

Nursing Times – professional and clinical articles for nurses

Nursing Employability Conference

Nurse in hospital environment

Tomorrow (8 May) the University of Cumbria are holding a Nursing Employability Conference at the Fusehill Street campus from 9.30 am.

If you are currently studying nursing you can come along for the opportunity to meet various organisations including the North Cumbria University Hospitals NHS Trust, the Glenmore Trust, West House and Randstad among others. There will be various presentations in the morning with a chance to visit stands and network over lunch.

In the afternoon you will have a choice of four different employability workshops, such as interview skills, application forms and CVs, CPD and career development.

Registration starts at 9.30 am in the Learning Gateway, so please pop along and say hello tomorrow! See you there!

A Nursing Success Story!


How beneficial do you think mock interviews are? When Vikki, one of our nursing students, was recently invited for her dream job on a critical care unit, she asked the careers team for a mock interview to ensure that she was fully prepared.

Of course the careers team were more than happy to help!

Vikki came in for her mock interview, which was set up just like a real interview, where she was asked some typical nursing interview questions and given feedback on her performance.

A few weeks later and the careers team received an email from Vikki saying that she had been offered the job! Congrats Vikki!!

Vikki kindly passed on some of the questions she was asked at interview, so if you are going for an interview soon, these may help:

1- What’s the biggest change you have experienced so far?

2- Can you give an example of when you helped a new member to the team?

3- can you give an example of a busy time and how you balanced your time?

4- What attracted you to the post and why do you want it?

5-  Give an example of a time where you went over and above to give compassionate care.

6- Give an example of when you used your communication skills to tell someone something important and how you did it.  

We hope that these questions will help you in your future interviews. If you have had an interview recently, why not leave your favourite questions in the comments, or you can tweet them to us @UoCCareers

Major Children and Young People Recruitment Campaign Launched

Childrens ward 29

A major recruitment campaign has been launched for staff to support Children and Young People’s services across University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust.
The campaign, which aims to recruit the equivalent of 21.48 full-time staff, is aimed at both registered children’s nurses and support workers.

The advertisement reads: “Looking for a new career path in one of the most picturesque parts of the country? Are you a student looking to take up your first post? Then Morecambe Bay is just the place for you, offering the beautiful Lake District on your doorstep and within easy reaching distance of the City of Lancaster which offers excellent transport links to the main cities in the UK.

“Our Trust is recruiting enthusiastic, highly motivated nurses and clinical support staff, to join our dynamic, dedicated, forward thinking professional team which serves a wide geographical area with rural and urban communities.

“You will be reliable, flexible, motivated, have excellent clinical skills, a commitment to ongoing learning and development, a commitment to delivering high quality care, and be willing and open to embracing positive change and transformation in order to meet the demands of the community we serve.

“If this sounds like you, then we want to hear from you!”

Paula Evans, Assistant Chief Nurse for Children and Young People at the Trust said: “We are looking for a mixture of staff across our children’s services. “This will include registered children’s nurses as well other professionals such as play specialists, or clinical support workers to support our nursing teams on either the wards, in outpatient clinics or in our assessment rooms. This is a major campaign to recruit the extra staff we need to continue the improvements we have implemented in our children’s services.”

Advertisements have been placed and the campaign is featured in the April edition of the Royal College of Nurses Journal.

Interviews for the posts will be held on 19 May for nursing staff and for the support worker posts on 20 May at Royal Lancaster Infirmary and on 21 May at Furness General Hospital.
Anyone interested in the posts can find out more about the Children’s Services by visiting

The job advertisements and application forms can be accessed by visiting or

Anyone wishing to find out more about the types of roles available should contact the ward managers for the Children’s wards on either site:
Royal Lancaster Infirmary – John Gosling – 01524 583468
Furness General Hospital – Heather Wood – 01229 491090.

NHS Trusts To Ringfence Posts For Local Graduates?

This may be good news for Health graduates who have so far not found jobs.

We have had sight of a recent email sent to North West NHS Trusts encouraging them to make the NHS Jobs Newly Qualified Profile Pool the ‘first port of call’ when undertaking major recruitment exercises.

In other words, it may give you a head start to register on the pool if you have not already done so.

According to a more detailed advisory document, employers can contact registered candidates to advise them of a particular advert that is about to be placed on the system or ask them for more information.

The Profile Pool system requires candidates to answer the following:

  • Have you received notification from the Exam Board that you have
    qualified as a nurse, midwife, allied healthcare professional or as a
    healthcare scientist? (Yes/No)
  • Have you qualified from an English Higher Education Institution in the UK?
  • When did you qualify? ( 2010, 2011, 2012, Other)
  • Do you have the right, under UK immigration rules, to live and work in the
    UK and without restriction? (Yes/No)
  • Please select your profession? (from identified list but includes all nursing disciplines, midwifery, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, radiography)
  • Please select your area of specialty? (from identified list)
  • Please specify which Higher Education Institution you completed your professional qualification? (Lists those Higher Education Institutions that the SHA commissioned and funded)

N.b. however that providing incorrect information will prevent the candidate from re-registering within the pool for a period of 12 weeks.

Also, candidates will still be expected to submit individual applications to specific vacancies.

A Career in E-Health?

The increasing use of new technology in the provision of healthcare is starting to lead to some new career opportunities.

Key agencies are NHS Direct  which recruits staff into ICT-related roles as well as qualified nurses and  NHS Connecting for Health  whose remit includes developing systems of health provision such as e-prescribing and the “choose and book” system for patients.

Similar opportunities are staring to occur on the NHS Jobs website but as job titles are not yet well-established, they are best found by trying search terms such as “telehealth”, “remote”, “mobile device”, etc*. on the advanced search (‘search by skills’) section of the site. Precise qualifications required are likely to vary.

There are also likely to be commercial software companies who are developing health-related programmes and applications.

Source: Abridged from a message received from via AGCAS ServiceLink

* Other search expressions that I have tried and work are “electronic”, “choose and book”, “e-prescribing” and “informatics”.

Get Sick At Home? Fascinating Facts About Childhood Illnesses

Many present and future University of Cumbria students express an interest in eventually working with children, but a recent article in the Scottish Daily Mail (01/12/12) suggests some alarming trends in childhood habits they might want to heed.

Based on an NHS Scotland report by Frank Furedi, the author of the book Paranoid Parenting, it shows big differences in the numbers of hospital referrals of children as a result of incidents in the home as opposed to outdoors.

Seemingly, there has been a big slump in numbers of children falling out of trees or off skateboards, while they are twice as likely to end up in casualty with repetitive strain injury after excessive computer gaming sessions.  Other injuries on the increase included falling out of bed, falling downstairs and injuries from using electrical appliances – mainly hair straighteners.

Meanwhile the number injured by fireworks has fallen by 41%, with further drops in injuries caused by ice skates, skis, roller skates and car accidents. The Mail also reports a survey showing that a third of children had never climbed a tree and one in ten cannot ride a bike, while the majority said they would rather play on a computer or watch TV than go outside.

This would seem to be vital information for our Health students, so that they know what injuries they are likely to be treating as well as for Trainee Teachers considering what new risk assessments they need to introduce. And perhaps the University of Cumbria can congratulate itself on its success in tempting so many away from the couch and the computer screen for long enough to sign up for our Sport and PE related courses!

I wonder though how the career choices of this “indoor generation” are being affected…

Which Company Is The Biggest Recruiter of Graduates?

According to work done by The Complete University Guide based on the national graduate destination survey, the answer is a little surprising.

You might not have guessed that the biggest recruiter of 2011 graduates was Boots Pharmaceuticals of Nottingham who took on 520 across their various divisions. In second place was the NHS Graduate Management Scheme, accounting for just under 500 graduates.

Seven of the other top ten places were occupied by banking and financial concerns.  The exception was Tesco who came in sixth as the largest UK retail employer.

Incidentally, a recent survey of 2,000 employers by REED suggested that many did not feel that the 2.1 degree stipulation enforced by many top firms was a good criterion for successful recruitment.  96% said that they would prefer applicants who had the right skills and mindset than those with a 2.1.

Careers Advisers have often felt that the rigid insistence on an Upper Second by many companies was an artificial barrier that meant companies were indirectly favouring applicants from more privileged backgrounds. But whether many companies will abandon the 2.1 requirement in favour of more objective criteria in the foreseeable future remains to be seen.