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Building skills for life – Loughborough maths course aims to boost knowledge and employability

calculator-178127_1280A head’s up that Loughborough University will run a free online numeracy skills refresher course to help boost people’s employment prospects!

Poor numeracy skills can often be a barrier to employment and, with numeracy tests becoming a regular part of the recruitment process, the University’s Mathematics Education Centre is opening its doors to anyone who wishes to build on their basic understanding of mathematics.

The three-week FutureLearn course entitled Numeracy Skills for Employability and the Workplace is particularly suitable for those who have not had the opportunity to practice quantitative skills since school. It is designed to build confidence and develop essential skills for interpreting numerical data and understanding statistics, as well as refreshing specific numeracy skills such as percentages, ratios, averages, and currency conversions.

The course, which will run from Monday 15 June, includes a step-by-step introduction to relevant topics and interactive quizzes to test understanding. There will be feedback at every stage.

The course is suitable if you are:

  • Applying for work placements or internships
  • Applying for employment
  • Applying for a course that requires you to pass numeracy skills tests
  • In employment seeking promotion or wishing to upskill
  • Anyone who wishes to refresh their knowledge of numeracy
  • Anyone who wishes to improve their mathematical confidence for everyday life.

Participants will also be given the opportunity to purchase a Statement of Participation – a personalised, printed certificate to show that they have taken part in the course.

To register or to find out more click here.



Do You Lie On Your CV?

In yet another piece of research Graduate Prospects have unearthed some troubling evidence that suggest a good proportion of students and graduates are not entirely truthful on their CVs.  Of 1,306 surveyed, a third reported that they knew someone who had lied on a CV or deliberately exaggerated their qualifications.

Apparently, graduates prone to tell porkies are most likely to give a higher grade than they actually achieved, with a substantial proportion claiming to have completed a course when they didn’t. Smaller proportions falsely changed their degree subject to suit job requirements or claimed they had a degree they did not possess.

Perhaps more worryingly, many respondents thought that practices like lying on CVs or purchasing fake degree certificates would increase in the wake of increased tuition fees, although such results can presumably only be regarded as speculation.

Comment: I have to say that in all my time at the University of Cumbria, I have never uncovered a clear example of a student providing false information on a CV.  There may have been one or two minor sins of omission but, in my view, our students are far more likely to undersell themselves on their CV.

For some hints on compiling a good (but truthful) CV, try the weblinks at http://delicious.com/skillzone/cv