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Education Resources and Conference

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So you graduated with an Education related degree, but haven’t landed a job yet? Worry not! 

The Careers and Employability Service have loads for resources for you:

First of all: a guide to finding your first teaching job: Finding your first teaching job (PDF)

Applying for teaching jobs: Advice on Writing your CV (PDF)Writing a letter or personal statement (PDF) and top tips on acing your interview (PDF)

Not sure where you want to work? Here’s some information about different types of school: Types of school (PDF)

Congratulations! You landed a job! Here’s everything you need to know about Your NQT induction year (PDF)

Don’t fancy a permanent job? Have you considered supply work? Pros and Cons of Supply Work (PDF)

Don’t want to be a teacher? Here are some alternatives to teaching (PDF) as well as the more comprehensive AGCAS Education alternatives (2015) (PDF).

As part of our annual Education Conference, there will be an employer fair where you can meet various employers from the education sector. These will take place on Monday 17 October in Lancaster (11.30am-2.30pm in the Old Dining Hall), and on Tuesday 18 October in Carlisle (11.00am-2.00pm in the Learning Gateway, Fusehill Street).

Good luck, and remember that the Careers and Employability service is here for you, even after you graduate. Email careers@cumbria.ac.uk to find out more.


The pros and cons of working as a supply teacher


If you are struggling to secure a permanent teaching post, there is always the option of working as a supply teacher.  But how does it all work and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

Most supply work is advertised by teaching recruitment agencies that specialise in education. However some schools and local authorities recruit supply teachers directly, so if there is a particular school or local authority in which you wish to work, it’s worth contacting them speculatively.

Agencies (sometimes called Recruitment Consultants) are commercial organisations ranging from large national and international companies, to small local firms. Some cover a range of sectors and some specialise solely in education. The agency is paid a fee by the school for their recruitment services. The prospective employee pays no fees.

Supply teachers are employed either via supply teaching agencies, umbrella companies, or directly by schools, local authorities and academies. An umbrella company acts as an employer to supply teachers and will usually pass on to the teacher various costs such as the employer’s National Insurance contributions and the umbrella company’s fee.

Registration with an agency usually involves submitting an application form or CV, followed by a meeting with one of their recruitment agents or consultants. Whilst there is no guarantee of regular work, supply teachers who can adapt quickly and at short notice to different schools, pupils, subjects and age groups will be in more demand than those who are less flexible.

NQTs often ask how working as a supply teacher effects the requirement to complete an induction or probationary year.  The rules currently state that from the point of award of QTS you can undertake short-term supply work of less than one term in a relevant school for a maximum period of 5 yearswithout a completed NQT induction year. This is a fixed time limit with no discretion to extend. Short-term supply placements of less than one term, or equivalent, cannot count towards induction. Once the 5 years is up you will need to take a post that counts towards your NQT induction year. For more information on your induction year, have a look at the government’s guidance document.

UOC careers service can help you put together a teaching CV, and advise you on agencies to approach. We always suggest you choose an agency which specialises in teaching, and more specifically supply work. It’s also worth checking that they belong to the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC). If an agency uses the REC logo, it means that they have passed the initial Compliance Test and required to adhere to the REC Code of Professional Practice.

Are there advantages working as a supply teacher rather than gaining a permanent contract?

yes or no.jpg

Flexibility, freedom and variety

You can choose whether to accept or decline work.

You can work in a variety of different settings and locations.

Not being tied to a permanent contract means you can take holidays in term time, when travel is cheaper!

You can combine working with learning. For example, undertake a part-time Masters degree at the same time.

Professional development and employment prospects

stock-photo-teacher-helping-young-boy-with-writing-lesson-107801354You get to experience different ways of doing things which is great for picking up new ideas and developing confidence and expertise.

You get to experience different settings which will broaden your horizons.

You are more likely to secure a permanent contract if you have been working as a supply teacher than if you are unemployed or working in a non-teaching role.


First impressions really count, and as you’ll meet a range of teachers and head teachers, there will be lots of opportunities to network.

Build your reputation! Head teachers network with each other too, so if you are good, word spreads.

“Try before you buy”

Get an insight into different schools and decide which setting suits you best.

If you are relocating to a new area, supply work gives you the chance to get a feel for different communities and schools in the new area.


As a supply teacher you will tend to do less of the onerous daily planning and preparation that permanent teachers are expected to do.

You may not attend as many meetings as permanent teaching staff.

What are some of the  disadvantages?


Financial insecurity

Some supply teachers get plenty of work, but some don’t.

The lack of a regular income can be problematic if you wish to apply for a mortgage.


Terms and conditions of employment may vary depending on the nature of your contract and employment status.

Irregular work

The availability of work can be irregular if you are an NQT.

Being called upon at the last minute can be stressful. If you say ‘no’ and turn work down, you may worry that you may not be called upon again.

It’s difficult to forward plan as you may or may not be working.

Not belonging

It can be lonely being a supply teacher as colleagues don’t always have time to get to know you properly.


Access to continuing professional development and mentoring support can be irregular.

If you are only working in a school for a short time, it can be difficult to get to know the children and therefore not as easy to teach them.


Sources of advice and support

The University of Cumbria Careers and Employability Service is here to support you for up to three years after you complete your course – http://www.cumbria.ac.uk/careers. Email careers@cumbria.ac.uk to book an appointment and for advice on applications, CVs and more.

Careers can also give you feedback via email on your teaching applications, letters and CVs. Send us the job details of the post you are applying for, and your draft application, letter or CV and we’ll email back some feedback.




To teach or not to teach…


I’ve been advising quite a few Primary Education students recently who are coming to the end of their initial teacher training and are now uncertain about whether to continue on a teaching career path.  Teaching is a hugely rewarding profession, but it can be tough and is not for everyone.  It’s also perfectly normal to have a change of heart and want to change direction.

The good news is that there are lots of alternatives career paths to consider and some very useful information online.  If you are reading this, and have doubts too about whether teaching is right for you, the following articles and guides may well give you some inspiration. Don’t forget too that you can come and talk to us in UoC Careers.  Email us on careers@cumbria.ac.uk to make an appointment.

In the meantime, here are some useful resources that we refer students to and which may give you some inspiration!

Education Alternatives. This AGCAS publication (the Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services) is probably the most comprehensive resource for students who are still interested in education generally, but don’t want to work in a school as a classroom teacher.  The guide has been written by a team of experienced university careers advisers and covers two main pathways:  roles which involve teaching, but not in mainstream education; and roles within the broader education sector.

For a lighter read, Target Jobs has a useful article called ‘Alternative careers in education’. Their options include training and development, careers and education guidance, family support and advocacy, and adult and community education.

You may of course need to boost your career chances with a further qualification at diploma or post graduate level. Some options for further training or postgraduate qualifications which you can add to your initial teacher training are covered on Target Jobs.

For general research, Prospects has a list of Job profiles which you can browse by sector or job title. Each job role is profiled and gives some useful factual information about the qualifications, skills and experience needed. The National Careers Service’s Job Profiles is a good resource too, and has interesting job market information.

Finally, remember you will have developed a whole range of useful transferable skills all of which will be relevant to other careers. If you need some help identifying these, don’t forget you can contact Careers at careers@cumbria.ac.uk



Friday’s Featured Vacancy: Teach English in China




If you have just graduated, looking for gap year opportunities, want a break from studies and are seeking an adventure and opportunity to gain some valuable experience, we have 35 English teaching positions available for a late AUGUST, 2015 START.

We also have another 10 POSITIONS available at our partner schools in some other provinces, available to suitable applicants/candidates.

Position: Oral English teacher – Assisting students to practice their spoken English

Location: Wuhan (China’s 5th largest city) and surrounding cities

Time to start: LATE AUGUST, 2015 – Teachers are asked to arrive in Wuhan between August 25-27

We Provide our Teachers with:

  • Salary: 5500-6500RMB per month (The quoted salary in RMB is commensurate to the quoted salary in British pounds when considering the salary package as a whole which includes the provision of a modern 1-2 bedroom apartment, medical insurance, airfare reimbursement, Chinese language classes etc)
  • Work time: Monday to Friday (during the daytime)
  • Contract length: Late August 2015 to mid July, 2016 (teachers are more than welcome to resign with our school if they wish)
  •  Accident and Injury Medical Insurance provided
  • Modern fully furnished, fully self contained apartment provided
  • Airfare reimbursement provided
  • Provide a SAFEA authorized school employment contract BEFORE arrival,
  • School sponsored official invitation letter and working permit, so that you can obtain your CHINESE Z WORKING VISA before coming to China
  • We will express courier your Visa documentation to you
  • Provided with ALL legal living and working documentation for China
  • Offer you travel and visa advice
  • Provide full support throughout your entire stay in China
  • Full TRAINING provided to all teachers in China

You can view our website for past and present teacher testimonials, pictures and videos of apartments provided etc at www.china-international-schools.com

Additional Services and Benefits provided for our Teachers:

  • Sponsored – TEFL (Teach English as a Foreign Language) Certificate Program Course and a 100 Hour Observed Teaching Practicum Certificate
  • FREE – Structured Chinese Language Course (with textbooks, CD’s and online learning classes provided) – With completion Certificate Provided

Teacher requirements:

  • Qualifications/Education: Bachelors Degree, TEFL Certificate (if you do not have one, we can sponsor and pay for a TEFL program for you)
  • NO Teaching Experience necessary
  • Age requirements: Age 20-35years old

Please send your resume and recent photo to the email addresses below and receive a DETAILED TEACHING OFFER outlining the specifics of your particular teaching position to:

Miss Ke, Foreign Director – Wuhan International Kindergarten

Email:  wuhan@china-international-schools.com

We will ensure a thoroughly challenging and rewarding experience awaits you in China!

Guest Post: Supply Work with Hexa Education

This week we have a guest blog post from Hexa Education, one of the supply agencies who attended our agency fair in March. There are a number of supply agencies across the country covering different regions and types of roles, so make sure you do your research and  if you want some more advice on which ones to sign up for contact the Careers Service on careers@cumbria.ac.uk

 Are you training to become a Teacher or Teaching Assistant? If so, have you ever thought about working for a Supply Agency, like Hexa Education, to assist you in gaining vital experience within the classroom before you secure a permanent position?

Here at Hexa Education we have relationships with Primary, Secondary, Further Education and Special Educational Need schools within the North of England. We can help you to gain experience in the classroom that could enhance your skills and attributes in your future career within education.

How do Recruitment Agencies work?

As a Recruitment Agency, we provide you with our dedicated time and attention to fully understand your preferences when it comes to your career and your future job opportunities. We then seek work to suit you!

We can provide you with work that is day to day supply cover. This nature of work allows you to experience a variety of different educational settings that you may have not had the opportunity to experience during your course. It is also a great opportunity for you to interact with other members of staff within the education sector and make connections that could potentially lead you into your career.  Working on Supply opens up multiple doors!

Day to day supply generally arises when a member of staff is off sick, or perhaps they are working outside of school grounds that day, possibly on a course or field trip.

We can also provide you with long term and permanent positions. This nature of work often results from day to day supply bookings, as you become aware of vacancies within schools and, as you have built relationships whilst in schools from day to day, you stand a strong chance of securing an interview if there was a vacancy become available that you were interested in.

Long term cover can result from absences such as a Maternity leave, long term sickness and a general permanent vacancy position that has become available.

During your time with Hexa Education we aim to present you with experiences you will enjoy and that meet your expectations, which could then lead to a successful career in your chosen field.

 Not completed your Teaching Course yet?

This is not a problem as well. Working as a Teaching Assistant whilst you are completing your Teaching course is always an option. This will allow you to observe other teachers and reflect on your own practice, and again, provide you with vital classroom experience.

If you would like to speak to us about registering with Hexa Education then please call Ben or Sarah on 0161 882 1050. Alternatively you can e-mail us on either ben.melling@hexaeducation.co.uk or sarah.ingram@hexaeducation.co.uk.  You can also find out more about us at http://hexaeducation.co.uk/.

Alumni Spotlight: Sarah Johnston

Sarah Johnston, Class of 2013, Primary Education with QTS


Originally from Carlisle, self-confessed “home-bird” Sarah had only one choice on her uni applications: the University of Cumbria to study primary teaching at the Fusehill Street campus in Carlisle.

“I had heard good things about the course and was made-up when I got in.”

Sarah has wanted to be a primary teacher for as long as she can remember and is very proud to have achieved her dreams. Now a full-time long-term supply teacher, covering a maternity leave at lovely village school Great Corby. “I honestly don’t think I would be happy in any other career, I love how rewarding it is and how every day is different.”

Sarah credits the University of Cumbria and the teaching course with changing her life “absolutely definitely” for the better, it is here where she grew in confidence and met some amazing life-long friends. Looking back Sarah recalls, “There were loads of funny stories from uni. Most teachers are up for anything fun, and always enjoy acting like big kids. Nobody likes a boring teacher!”

Sarah’s proudest moments in teaching so far are when she sees the kids in her class truly enjoying their work or when she receives feedback from parents to let her know they have repeated an activity done in class at home. Sarah’s ambitions for the future are to continue learning and improving, “to teach as well as the experienced teachers I have observed.”

What are you up to now?

Have you got an exciting new job, working on a new project, want everyone to know about your own business, had something published or exhibited? Perhaps you are getting married or had a baby? Whatever your news, we would love to hear about it and share it with your fellow alumni. Visit our share your experiences page to download the profile form if you would like to be included in the next edition of Aluminate or just email us.

Securing your first teaching post – advice for NQTs

Get that job social media poster IMG-SML

With the ‘Get That Teaching Job’ events running this week at our Lancaster campus yesterday, and our Carlisle campus tomorrow, I thought it would be a good opportunity to share this handy hand-out with you – lots of useful information for final year teaching students, about to embark on their NQT year! 

You can download a pdf of this guide at the bottom of the post!


Your NQT induction

Terms and conditions for successful completion of the NQT induction are determined by the NCTL, and are regularly reviewed and updated. To be sure you have the most accurate and up to date info check: 

Statutory Guidance for the induction of NQTs (England) December 2013 (revised October 2014) available here:



Teacher Recruitment info as available Feb 2015

The NUT Guide “First Post” is updated every year and is available as a download or sent as a hard copy to members.  On the webpage there is a really useful interactive map showing all areas geographically and their preferred mode of recruitment of NQTs (pool or otherwise).  However, do check each area; it is your responsibility to ensure you have the latest accurate information.  Things do change, even during an academic year. 



Sources of Vacancies

Many authorities and schools do not advertise in national press nowadays, choosing instead to keep costs down by using own local authority websites as above.  However do also check:

  • University of Cumbria JobShop: http://cumbria.prospects.ac.uk
  • Local and regional press
  • Specialist publications e.g. Jewish Times, Catholic Teaching Gazette

The National press may have international opportunities and more senior roles:

Other teaching options include:


Sources of support


Local Information and Pools

Register for tailored alerts from those that you are interested in!

Cumbria – Apply direct to job adverts (no NQT pool). Vacancies at: http://www.cumbria.gov.uk/childrensservices/careers/primteach.asp

Durham – Durham local authority operates a pool of NQTs to which primary head teachers have access. The pool opened in January 2015. Application forms are available from the Education Development Service Tel: 03000 265 852. Visit http://www.durham.gov.uk/article/2083/Jobs-at-the-council for more vacancies.

Lancashire – Apply direct to job adverts (no NQT pool). Vacancies at: http://www3.lancashire.gov.uk/education/teacher_vacancies. Note that all supply teaching in Lancashire is through LTA: https://www.reedglobal.com/en_GB/web/reedgb/employer/our-expertise/education/partnerships/lancashire

Manchester – – Apply direct to job adverts (no NQT pool). Vacancies at: http://www.manchester.gov.uk/currentjobs and http://www.teach-manchester.org/Vacancies/Browse/List.aspx

Oldham – NQT Pool opened Jan 2015, visit https://yourcounciljobs.co.uk/jobs.aspx for vacancies

Bury – NQT Pool open, closing date 20 February 2015. Vacancy is listed here:  https://www.yourcounciljobs.co.uk/jobdetails.aspx/43232/NQT_Primary_Teaching_Pool_Department_for_Children_Young_People_and_Culture/?sMinimumSalary=0&sMaximumSalary=0&sJobTypeLook=674&sSimple=pool&SAuthority_id=

Blackburn with Darwen – NQT pool open, first 120 applicants are guaranteed an interview. Closing date 28 February 2015, interviews take place 13 March 2015. For more information contact Joanne Brown on Tel: 01254 666512 or Email: joanne.brown@blackburn.gov.uk

Blackpool, Flyde, Rochdale, Salford, Tameside, Bolton, Trafford, Wigan, Stockport and more advertise posts on https://yourcounciljobs.co.uk/jobs.aspx

Not local, but… we also have lots of our previous students working in Suffolk – their NQT pool opened December 2014 and closes on 31 May 2015. Always keen on University of Cumbria NQTs! https://nqt.schoolschoice.org/


Useful Links


Download your own pdf here: Securing Your First Teaching Post

Postgraduate Routes into Teacher Training


So you want to be a teacher? The good news is there are loads of different routes into teaching nowadays – the bad news is you have to decide which is best for you – easier said than done, right! Don’t worry, the Careers Team are here to help!

We’ve pulled together some useful links for you below, as well as some ‘Routes into Teaching’ videos produced by UoC.

If you are going to be applying through UCAS, remember the old saying ‘the sooner the better’ – UCAS have just opened the scheme now (late October 2014) so start prepping your application now! TargetJobs.co.uk has a really useful guide to writing your personal statement here: http://targetjobs.co.uk/career-sectors/teaching-and-education/330635-how-to-write-a-great-personal-statement-for-a-teaching-job and the UCAS website has a great guide to filling in your application here: http://www.ucas.com/how-it-all-works/teacher-training/filling-in-your-application

The University of Cumbria’s YouTube channel has some handy videos that show what’s on offer here at UoC, with lots of advice on the different routes you can take:

Not sure which route is right for you? Try out this nifty tool on the UCAS Teacher Training (UTT) website: http://www.ucas.com//how-it-all-works/teacher-training/postgraduate-routes-teaching/which-route-teaching

It’s also worth having a look at the other routes into teaching that aren’t included in UTT here: http://www.ucas.com/how-it-all-works/teacher-training/postgraduate-routes-teaching

And why not have a look at UCAS TV for information too? http://www.ucas.tv/utt/video/fmvNH

We really hope that this blog post has been useful – please feel free to ask us any questions in the comments or you can tweet us your questions @UoCCareers.

Remember the the careers team are here to help – email careers@cumbria.ac.uk to ask us questions, get feedback on your application, or to book an appointment with us.

Post-graduate routes into teaching – PGCE and School Direct

Today on the blog we have a post from Sandra Baron, Senior Careers and Employability Advisor in LiSS with some information about routes into teaching. Over to you, Sandra!

Are you thinking of a career in teaching after you graduate?  Are you aware of the different routes into teaching that give you the opportunity to earn a post-graduate qualification while you train?

There are still a limited number of places available for Primary and Secondary initial teacher training (ITT) courses available for admission in 2014/15.


Unusually for this time of the academic year, there are a variety of places still available for  graduates wishing to undertake a  Post Graduate Certificate in Education with Qualified Teacher Status (PGCE  with QTS)  in addition,  some of the places still available may be able to pay you while you are training:  The rules regarding who can be recruited onto School Direct (salaried) route have been slightly relaxed. Schools are still encouraged to consider career changers with at least three years’ experience first, but if a school has a good candidate who doesn’t meet the criteria they can still offer them a place, provided it is for a hard to fill subject such as maths, physics, chemistry, languages and computing.

The variety of routes into Teaching and which may be the best route for you to choose can seem very complex and confusing at first but the university’s careers service can offer you independent and unbiased advice to you to help you with your decision. Drop us an email at: careers@cumbria.ac.uk

For helpful information about the variety of routes into Teaching and how to apply (including School Direct) please see the following links:




Friday’s Featured Vacancy – 21/03/2014

Today we have a couple of Teaching Opportunities for you – there are loads more to be found on http://cumbria.prospects.ac.uk too!!

Fantastic Job Opportunity – Teacher of Geography – Carlisle

We are currently looking for Teachers/ Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs) from any route, such as PGCE, BA / BSc QTS or the School Direct Programme, to fulfil our current roles in local Secondary and SEN schools across Cumbria.

Our requirements for this role are that you must hold a qualification with, or which can lead to, QTS (overseas qualified teachers are welcome to apply). You will also be subject to an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service check and full referencing process.

The positions offered could be ad hoc day to day supply, as well as full or part-time long term vacancies, and could involve lessons with children across all key stages from KS3 to KS5, from 1:1 tuition to full classes, and in mainstream or SEN settings.

Reference: TEACH05172
Location: Carlisle
Salary: £80.00 – £140.00 per day
Job type: Fixed Term Contract
Sector: Secondary School

For more information visit: http://www.capitaresourcing.co.uk/job/teacher-of-geography-jobid-teach05172?utm_source=Indeed&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=Indeed



Henlow Church of England Academy is looking to appoint a well-qualified, enthusiastic and talented full-time class teacher, with effect from 1st September 2014. The successful applicant will be required to teach in Years 5/6 and have tutor responsibilities. There will also be an opportunity to teach their specialist subject in Key Stage 3.

Application forms and further details are available from the school website:
Closing date for applications: Wednesday 2nd April 2014