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AllAboutLaw’s helping hand for finding that coveted training contract!


As we’re sure you clever people know, securing a training contract is the final hurdle to becoming to a solicitor. If you land one, you’ll spend two years training with a law firm, becoming a fully qualified solicitor at the end of it!

AllAboutLaw.co.uk want to help you to secure that coveted training contract, so they’ve put together a handy list for you to feast your eyes on. Generally speaking the deadline is 31 July but it is advised to submit your application before that date as many firms will close their applications early.

As you might expect, there are a lot of opportunities on offer, so AllAboutLaw have made it easy for you to narrow down the training contracts available at city firms, international firms, regional firms, US firms and Scottish firms, so you can race ahead with your applications.

Whatever type of training contract you’re after, they’ve got it covered.

Take a look today!

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Becoming a Solicitor by the ILEX Route

This is an extract from a text produced by a former Law student, recently circulated by the AGCAS – Law Advisers network:-

“If you already have your LPC and a law degree then you can become a member of Institute of Legal Executives (MILEX) without any further exams. This does not mean that you are qualified as a Legal Executive or can call yourself a Legal Executive but it does mean that you are on the road to it.

“To become a Fellow of the Institute of Legal Executives (and entitled to call yourself a Legal Executive) you basically have to have 5 years work experience in law and for at least two of those 5 years you must be a MILEX. Once you have completed your 5 years employment (2 years as MILEX), ILEX will send you the necessary forms to become a Fellow of the Institute (again there are no exams or anything).You will need to complete the form and enclose a detailed description of what you do on a day to day basis. For more information you might want to visit their website.


“Once you have become a FILEX you can then apply for an exemption from a training contract under Regulation 28(1)(ii)(b) of the Solicitors Training Regulations 2009. The link below should take you to the rules.


“There are no forms to fill in and no guidance about what information you have to provide. I just wrote in and crossed my fingers!”

“The only remaining requirement is to do the 9 day Professional Skills Course (The SRA would not let me do the PSC until I was either in a training contract or exempted from a training contract).”