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Friday’s Featured Vacancy – Working with Young People at Lancashire Boys and Girls Club

The Lancashire Association of Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs is hiring for two new positions within their team, so if you are interested in working with young people and you feel that you can meet their mission statement which is ‘ To inspire and enable all young people, especially those considered to be disadvantaged to realise their potential as productive, responsible and caring citizens’  then apply today!

The positions are for a Sport Activity Leader (closing date 23rd April 2015) and a Youth Activity Worker. Job descriptions can be found below and more details are available on the LABGC website: www.labgc.org.uk

2015 04 Sport2Go SAL Advert
2015 04 Youth Activity Worker


Major Children and Young People Recruitment Campaign Launched

Childrens ward 29

A major recruitment campaign has been launched for staff to support Children and Young People’s services across University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust.
The campaign, which aims to recruit the equivalent of 21.48 full-time staff, is aimed at both registered children’s nurses and support workers.

The advertisement reads: “Looking for a new career path in one of the most picturesque parts of the country? Are you a student looking to take up your first post? Then Morecambe Bay is just the place for you, offering the beautiful Lake District on your doorstep and within easy reaching distance of the City of Lancaster which offers excellent transport links to the main cities in the UK.

“Our Trust is recruiting enthusiastic, highly motivated nurses and clinical support staff, to join our dynamic, dedicated, forward thinking professional team which serves a wide geographical area with rural and urban communities.

“You will be reliable, flexible, motivated, have excellent clinical skills, a commitment to ongoing learning and development, a commitment to delivering high quality care, and be willing and open to embracing positive change and transformation in order to meet the demands of the community we serve.

“If this sounds like you, then we want to hear from you!”

Paula Evans, Assistant Chief Nurse for Children and Young People at the Trust said: “We are looking for a mixture of staff across our children’s services. “This will include registered children’s nurses as well other professionals such as play specialists, or clinical support workers to support our nursing teams on either the wards, in outpatient clinics or in our assessment rooms. This is a major campaign to recruit the extra staff we need to continue the improvements we have implemented in our children’s services.”

Advertisements have been placed and the campaign is featured in the April edition of the Royal College of Nurses Journal.

Interviews for the posts will be held on 19 May for nursing staff and for the support worker posts on 20 May at Royal Lancaster Infirmary and on 21 May at Furness General Hospital.
Anyone interested in the posts can find out more about the Children’s Services by visiting http://www.uhmb.nhs.uk/work-with-us/children-and-young-people/

The job advertisements and application forms can be accessed by visiting www.jobs.nhs.uk or http://jobs.uhmb.nhs.uk/select_sector

Anyone wishing to find out more about the types of roles available should contact the ward managers for the Children’s wards on either site:
Royal Lancaster Infirmary – John Gosling – 01524 583468
Furness General Hospital – Heather Wood – 01229 491090.

Friday’s Featured Vacancy – 04/04/2014 – National Citizen Service (NCS) Summer 2014 – Job Vacancies

Summer Youth Programme Team Leaders and Assistant Team Leaders


Fylde Coast YMCA is looking for enthusiastic, self motivated individuals to work on the NCS programme during July and August 2014 – either as a Team Leader or Assistant Team Leader.

National Citizen Service – NCS – is a national, government funded programme and part of the Big Society Initiative. Fylde Coast YMCA has delivered NCS in the Fylde Coast and Lancaster areas since 2012. NCS is open to all young people in Years 11 and 12 (or age equivalent) and staff will work with socially mixed teams of up to 14. These young people have volunteered to do the programme following recruitment via schools, college and online.

The NCS Team Leaders/Assistant Team Leaders are required to lead and motivate their team through this exciting summer programme. The programme, which runs for 15 days over three weeks, combines physical and mental challenges and culminates in a community project.

Week one and two are residential and staff will be required to stay away from home during this period (not including weekends). The third and final week is non-residential and will be based in the team’s local area (Fylde, Wyre or Lancaster), where they will create, plan, market and deliver a social action project to benefit their local community.

Each young person who completes the programme will graduate and receive a certificate signed by the Prime Minister. Staff will be required to commit to attending the NCS graduation in September (this will be either a Saturday or Sunday).

The Fylde Coast YMCA will operate up to 28 teams of young people over a period of 6 waves/start dates throughout July and August. We are offering 5 week fixed term contracts for leaders and assistants. This includes the 3 weeks programme plus paid time for training, planning and preparation. Details of this are available with the application pack.

Salary for a Team Leader is £1718 and for an assistant is £1263 on a 5 week, fixed term contract.

If you are interested in finding out more or would like an application pack please contact Rachel in the NCS Team

CVs will not be accepted!

01253 893928 (extension 2020)

email : rachel.reeves@fyldecoastymca.org

website: www.fyldecoastymca.org/young-people/national-citizen-service-ncs/

Applications accepted until noon on Thursday 10th April.

Applicants need to be 18 or over from 1st July 2014.

Youth Unemployment: A Student’s Perspective

an article provided by Sam Curran, an Education Student at our Lancaster Campus

If you have wandered round a nondescript town centre dispensing as many CVs as you possibly can (for no reward) or looked on the Job Centre Plus site every day or even been forced to claim benefits then you will know all about the effects of recession. Whilst media coverage tends to focus on redundancy and lack of jobs for middle aged people it is actually the younger generation, those who are in-between the ages of 18-25 that are suffering the most.

Youth unemployment is at a record high and the number of people claiming Job Seekers Allowance (JSA) has risen by an incredible 100 per cent in some areas of the country. According to recent statistics the worst hit area is the North East (where I’m originally from) where the benefits claims of 18-25 year olds has risen a staggering 43 percent in the last year. Interestingly in the more affluent South East benefit applications have dropped 5.9 per cent. The situation is further compounded by the obvious fact that the government has to make cuts to try and stimulate economic growth and many benefits claims will either be rejected or reduced. How on earth will this benefit people of my generation?

However the effect of youth unemployment cannot just be gauged by simple statistics (although on average benefits applications have increased by 8 % across the UK in the last year), the effects seem even more pronounced when you look at each individual case. Take my situation for my example:

I’m an 18 year old student studying secondary teaching with maths at the Lancaster Campus at the University of Cumbria. In three years’ time I will graduate from my degree and have £25,000 debt to contend with. Will I have any kind of savings to fall back on whilst paying this debt? Not in the current economic climate I won’t. For the past two months I have been searching (fruitlessly) for a part-time job to boost my savings. I have put in over 200 job applications, given out so many CVs I must have covered every shop in the town centre twice and searched on the net for job vacancies and what do I have for my efforts…….. absolutely nothing! Most firms can’t even be bothered to reply and the ones that do trot out the vague phrase: “good candidate, but not enough retail experience”. How much experience do they want?!? For the record, I have had a proper temp job in the past and gone in every Saturday religiously to volunteer at Oxfam in my home town of Darlington. The fact is there is very little chance to get retail experience these days.

Perhaps I’m one of the lucky ones though. I have a loan to cover my living and tuition fee costs but what about when I leave Uni? £25,000 worth of debt and nothing to fall back on. What do I do then? Withdraw from the bank of Mum and Dad? Take out an overdraft? None of the options are desirable, especially when it is even harder to get a foot on the property market these days so it would seem I will be consigned to renting a house for the next decade with no realistic hope of actually ever owning my own house.

Some might say that I’ll be fine: I’ll be earning more than enough as a teacher and they are “paid far too much” anyway. Realistically though the starting wage of a teacher is £20,000 which sounds a lot but looks a lot less impressive when you take away bills and paying off my student loan. The fact is not getting a job now will harm me in the long term.

Some suggestions have been mooted by the government: they plan to make anyone unemployed carry out a six month “community work programme” for 30 hours each week. It is compulsory: anyone who refuses will have their benefits taken away. This would not solve the problem though: in fact it could exacerbate it if some people refuse to carry out these work placements.

So it seems I and a number of people of similar age are consigned to a period of unemployment and no chance of earning some extra cash. I’ve now got to the point where I’m doing surveys online to try and earn a little bit of money (although the most I can make is £40 per month). I’m also considering volunteering again at a charity shop although will that even look good on my CV to employers? In short, youth unemployment is a big problem and it doesn’t look like it is going away any time soon.

Volunteers Needed at Carlisle Youthzone

Carlisle Youthzone are still keen to recruit volunteers to help with sessions for young people, especially the ones that take place over the weekend:-

    • Friday Gym Club (3.30 – 6.00 pm)


  • Senior Club (Friday evenings for 13 -21 year olds)



  • Inclusion Project (for youngsters with disabilities on Saturday mornings)



  • Junior Club (8 – 12 year olds on Saturday afternoons)



  • Saturday Night Session


For more info and contact details, visit www.carlisleyouthzone.org

Thanks to Julia Mullarkey of Carlisle Youthzone for this update.


National Citizen service – Hot from the Press

We have just heard that Connexions Cumbria have won a contract to deliver the new National Citizen Service, which is part of the Coalition Government’s Big Society initiative.

They will be looking for 40 volunteers to work with Year 11 leavers throughout Cumbria next summer. The volunteers will work 3 weeks full time and 2 weeks part time and will receive accredited training/expenses.

Watch this space for more details.